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The Cobalt Group wants to help you build a strong and successful business. Whether you are just starting out or already well established, you make decisions about your business every day. Leading a company can be challenging, especially when it comes to growing your business, operating it optimally, and leading your people. The Cobalt Group’s team of subject-matter experts offers Business Consulting Services, and Leadership/Executive Coaching Development and Training to help businesses and their leaders at every stage of their development.

The Cobalt Group will accompany you throughout your business lifecycle, offering objective, practical and results-driven advice—that includes one-on-one coaching when you are running a smaller business or organization. Our solutions are designed and customized to provide you and your people with the knowledge, capability, and tools necessary to manage all aspects of your business and do so confidently.

It does not matter what stage your business is at, if you are looking for, or already is experiencing, rapid growth, The Cobalt Group can help you. Our consultants have hundreds of years of combined business and leadership experience, and are eager to see you succeed. These are just some of the advisory and consulting services we offer to help you:

Business Strategy, Planning, and Operations
Business Plan Development
Business Capabilities Analysis and Value Proposition
Business Operations Process Design and Efficiency

Competitive Landscape and Analysis
Customer Intelligence

Market Analysis
Strategic Alliances

New Business Growth
Strategic Planning Development
Competitive Assessment (QCA)
Competitive Intelligence (Black Hat)
Customer Requirements Assessment
Marketing Strategy and Plan Development
Target Market Evaluation, Penetration, and Expansion

Business Life Cycle Management
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Satisfaction Analysis
Customer Trends and Direction
Mergers & Acquisitions
Organizational Change Management
Third Party Assessment

Government Contract Acquisition Support
Identify - Business Development, Opportunity Identification, Opportunity Assessment and Positioning, Requirements Review, Capabilities vs Requirements, Step/Gate 1 Review

Qualify - Capture Planning, Qualification Analysis, Requirements Review, Competitive Assessment (QCA), Teaming Strategy/Analysis, Win Analysis, Step/Gate 2 (bid/no bid decision) 

Capture Management - Develop Capture Team, Competitive Analysis (Black Hat), 3rd Party Assessment, Win Analysis, Win Themes and Discriminators, Step/Gate 3 (Solution Review) 

Proposal and Post Proposal - Develop Proposal Team, Orals Preparation, Color Team Reviews, Step/Gate 4 (Pricing Review)

Post Award - Win/Loss Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Review

Leadership Coaching and Development - Growing Your People
Career Succession Planning
Conflict Resolution

Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
Sales/Business Development Coaching and Mentoring

Career Coaching

Employee Development
Team Building
Versatile Leadership Training

Additional Services Provided
Certification Support
Digital Strategy

Resume and Cover Letter Writing (Entry Level through Executive/C-Suite Level)

Interview Preparation (Entry Level through Executive/C-Suite Level)
Economic Development Strategy and Planning

Presentation Design and Development
Financial Management
HR Management

Event Planning and Management

Trade Show Exhibit Design

Corporate Architecture and Interior Design

Corporate Event Design

Website Design and Update

These are some of the tailored Strategic Advisory Services/Business Consulting Services/Executive & Leadership Coaching Services that the Cobalt Group provides. If you don't see it listed here, please ask.